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Ireland has made substantial advances in developing a coherent national RDI strategy and is driven by outstanding levels of collaboration between industry, academia and government agencies, aiming at maximising the impact of research in Ireland on industry competitiveness.

According to current data on Knowledge Transfer Ireland, over 700 companies engage annually in research partnerships with Universities, Institutes of Technology, Technology Centres, Research Centres and the numerous other research performing organisations (RPOs) in Ireland. KTI state that with a focus on collaboration, industry is an integral part of Ireland's Technology Centres and Research Centres. The outstanding success of Ireland's approach to open innovation is demonstrated by the fact that more research is commercialised in Ireland through licences and spinouts per million € invested than most other European countries. Further information on KTI

Ensuring that advanced research and innovation skills are widely diffused throughout the economy is critical to Ireland’s competitiveness. Achieving this goal requires a robust and transparent framework for researcher careers, with particular reference to the role of the higher education system as the incubator for research talent. Under Innovation 2020, the Irish Universities Association (IUA), where the EURAXESS Ireland office is located, is currently tasked with developing a Researcher Career Development and Employment Framework.

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