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The National Intellectual Property Protocol provides a guide to transferring government-funded research from universities and other state-funded Organisations to industry. There are a number of useful resources available on the Knowledge Transfer Ireland website which can provide a wide range of information relating to IP.

Knowledge Transfer Ireland is the national office that helps business to benefit from access to Irish expertise and technology by making it simple to connect and engage with the research base in Ireland. Knowledge Transfer Ireland enables companies to innovate their business by signposting to novel technology and research expertise in Ireland and by providing best practice guidance to simplify the process of accessing this rich source of opportunity.

What is Intellectual Property?

Intellectual Property (IP) - is any intangible asset consisting of knowledge and ideas. It allows the outputs of research work to be owned in the same manner as physical property and protects it from infringement or copying. IP can be bought and sold like any form of property, and can also be rented out by the process of licensing, resulting in significant commercial and financial benefits for individuals, research groups and the organisations employing them.


There are a number of resources developed by KTI to assist you with IP.

KTI guide to managing KPI

The National IP Protocol 2019

KTI Practical Guide to Managing Intellectual Property & Confidentiality


What is knowledge transfer?

Knowledge transfer is the means through which companies, entrepreneurs and other such as public sector organisations can access and share skills, knowledge, intellectual property, technologies and other resources with universities, institutes of technology and other publicly funded research institutes. Knowledge transfer can take place through various mechanisms including licensing, collaboration, consultancy or the creation of a spin out company.

How can knowledge transfer help my business?

Working with Ireland's State-funded research organisations such as universities, institutes of technology and other R&D centres of excellence can improve business productivity, sales and performance by innovating products, service and processes. Companies and entrepreneurs benefit from the sharing of knowledge and expertise and accessing technology and intellectual property which can increase business competitiveness.

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