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Fast Track Work Permit for Non-EU R&D (Hosting Agreement Scheme)

Fast Track Work Permit for Non EU R&D (Hosting Agreement) Scheme

Find out more about the key immigration arrangements for foreign academics and researchers carrying out research in Ireland, with a particular focus on the Fast Track Work Permit for Non-EU R&D (Hosting Agreement) Scheme.

Non EU/EEA nationals require permission to work and study in Ireland. Additionally, some non EU/EEA nationals require an visa to enter the country.

The good  news is that None -EEA researchers including qualified experts in   business institutions,  applying for research positions in accredited research organisations can use a fast-track work permit (Hosting Agreement) scheme to reside and work in Ireland. The scheme allows the host research or business organisation to employ eligible personnel from outside EU without any additional Work Permit.

  • This scheme allows the researcher’s immediate family to reside in Ireland for the duration of the agreement and work  without any permission to work. 
  • All universities, Technological Universities  and a number of research-active organisations are accredited for the Fast Track Work Permit for Non EU R&D Personnel (Hosting Agreement) scheme in Ireland.

If you are a research active  institution, or an enterprise  interested in employing  a researcher/expert from outside EU to ioin your business in Ireland,   the Hosting Agreement  scheme is  for you. The  free of charge accreditation  process is  managed by the Department of Further and Higher Education, Research, Innovation and Science DFHERIS.

The Hosting Agreement procedure is  free of charge, swift and simple.

  • List of accredited  institutions in Ireland is here

EURAXESS Ireland is a Central Processing House for Hosting Agreements on behalf of DFHERIS in Ireland.

Over 7000 researchers  from more than 100 different countries, across all research  disciplines have used the scheme since its introduction in 2007. We can guide you through the process, provide  information. Our services are  free !

For queries contact:

Head of EURAXESS Ireland

Dr Magda Wislocka

Tel: 00-353-1-7996030



EURAXESS Ireland Officer

Mr. Fernandos Ongolly

Tel: 00-353-1-7996030


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