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Fast Track Work Permit for Non-EU R&D (Hosting Agreement Scheme)

Hosting Agreement Scheme

Fast Track Work Permit for Non EU R&D (Hosting Agreement) Scheme

Fast Track Work Permit for Non EU R&D (Hosting Agreement) Scheme

Find out more about the key immigration arrangements for foreign academics and researchers carrying out research in Ireland, with a particular focus on the Fast Track Work Permit for Non-EU R&D (Hosting Agreement) Scheme.

Non EU/EEA nationals require permission to work and study in Ireland. Additionally, some non EU/EEA nationals require an entry visa  to enter the country.

A visa is a form of pre-entry clearance which allows for travel to Ireland. It does not guarantee permission to enter Ireland. Permission to enter Ireland is granted by an Immigration Officer at the port of entry.

However, non-eu researchers applying for research positions in accredited research organisations can use a fast-track work permit (Hosting Agreement) scheme. This allows the host research organisation to employ the researcher without the need for a work permit.

Additionally, this scheme allows the researcher’s immediate family to reside in Ireland for the duration of the agreement and work  without any permission to work. 

A preclearance policy has been introduced for the non-EEA de facto partners of Hosting Agreement holders. All de facto partners of Hosting Agreement holders will be required to seek permission to reside in Ireland prior to their arrival in the State. The new procedure will reduce processing times and provide clarity for these family members.

All universities, Institutes of technology (IoT) and a number of research-active organisations are accredited for the Fast Track Work Permit for Non EU R&D Personnel (Hosting Agreement) scheme.

Details related to the accreditation procedure can befound on DFHERIS websitehere.

Institutions who wish to apply for the accreditation should send their completed application, with signed forms and supporting documentation, to:

EURAXESS Ireland processes Hosting Agreements on behalf of the Department of Further and Higher Education, Research, Innovation and Science. Over 5500 researchers across all disciplines have used the scheme since its introduction in 2007.

For more detailed information on visas and immigration arrangements for researchers on Fast Track Work Permits for R&D (Hosting Agreement scheme), please visit INIS (Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service)

For queries contact:

Head of EURAXESS Ireland

Dr Magda Wislocka

Tel: 00-353-1-7996030