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Career development services, information and tools are important and necessary to support and advise researchers. The Research office based  Irish Universities Association (IUA), which hosts the EURAXESS Ireland office acts as a resource for the 7 universities, in terms of :

  • Policy development for supporting research
  • Specific Operations to support access to funding
  • Supporting Researchers Careers

The researcher ecosystem includes PhD students, postdoctoral researchers, research fellows, and principal investigators, complemented by a range of staff in administrative, technical and research support roles. It spans research throughout the economy and society and the various public and private research performers.

For those researchers currently in Ireland or planning on moving to Ireland, and wish to find out what is available in the area of career development, it is important to see what their preferred host institution offers. Irish Universities, Institutes of Technology and researcher institutes should be the first point of contact for advice, they often offer a number of key services. These services may include Staff Development and training, tailored support and advice in the area of career services, and tapping into various networks.

It is important to establish what your research institution can offer as early as possible in order to identify future career goals and benefit from the range of supports and services provided. Some examples of Career supports offered in the HEI’s:

UCD Research Skills & Career Development

UCC post doc development hub

DCU Researcher Career Framework and supports also provide useful links - Career Toolkits for Researchers

There are a number of projects underway to improve career support and development for researchers through the EURAXESS network including:


A pan-European initiative aimed at designing an intelligent career development framework based on input from researchers, their employers, HR departments, EURAXESS Service Centres and many other relevant actors.

EURAXESS Researcher Career Skills for Career Development (PIPERS)

The overall objective of the project is to build capacity within the EURAXESS Network to support researchers in the proactive development of their career paths through the provision of tools and training, selected and developed in the framework of stakeholder engagement and dialogue

EURAXESS TOP III; Work Package 3-favourable Environment for EURAXESS Career Development Services

The EURAXESS Ireland office based at the IUA are partners in this project which aims to prepare the EURAXESS Centres to assist researchers in planning their careers in both academia and outside it. This comprises conducting a feasibility study to determine the actual steps required in establishing various models of Career Development Centres (CDC) within a number of countries, taking into account the existing diversity of capacities and resources among the EURAXESS network.

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