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Opening a bank account

There are numerous banks and building societies in Ireland that will provide personal banking services to individuals. To open a bank account, the bank must be able to verify your address and will request proof of address. This proof might include household bills, a letter from your employer or other documents that include your address. You are also obliged to prove your identity; furnishing a passport or driver’s licence can fulfil this obligation. The Citizens’ information site provides a full account of how to open an account.

Financial services and products

If you are considering investment in financial products or wish to avail of a service beyond a personal account, you are advised to inform yourself of the terms and conditions of any product or service you are considering. All financial products and services are subject to compliance with the Financial Regulator. Additionally, the ‘It’s your money’ website provides officially sanctioned guidance and advice on financial services and personal finance.

Switching a bank account

You are entirely within your rights to switch bank accounts, and the respective banks are responsible for ensuring the switch happens without any inconvenience to you and to ensure that any regular and/or automated payments from your account to pay bills, services rendered, and other transactions are accommodated in the switch. More information on switching bank accounts is available here.