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The car is the primary mode of transportation in Ireland. Recent investment has ensured a well-developed network of motorways that link the island’s cities. The National Roads Authority is responsible for the maintenance and operation of Ireland’s motorways.

Driving Requirements

Cars in Ireland are left-hand drive and are normally have stick shift gears. Driving takes place on the left hand side of the road. Speed limits and distances are metrically expressed; however, these are often orally expressed in Imperial.

All drivers are required to have motor insurance and pay road tax; additionally, all drivers must hold a valid driver’s licence. If you already hold a driver’s licence from another country, information on its validity in Ireland is available here.

Buying a car in Ireland

As you start your life in Ireland, you can choose to buy a used car or a new car. Ireland has most major car dealers that have showrooms where you can access a new car with a warranty on different plans depending on your preference. However, some people prefer buying used cars both in Ireland and Northern Ireland which is a more affordable option. You can find more information about this here.

1. Buying a used car

2. Buying a new car