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Ireland’s education system has a primary, secondary, further and higher education system. Children aged four/five to twelve/thirteen attend primary school before progressing to secondary school. All children legal to reside in Ireland are entitled to attend school.

The children of non-EEA students however do not have an automatic right to enrol in a State funded school. Please consult the ‘New immigration regime for full-time non-EEA students: guidelines for degree programme students’ for more information.

Access to education based on immigration status


Children residing in Ireland are entitled to attend primary and post-primary school. However, there are specific guidelines for children of non-EEA students. For further information go to:


Anyone on Stamp 1, 2, 3, or 4 can access education but may have to pay full tuition fees. However, if there is a paid work placement element to the course then this may require a change of immigration status to enable the person to work.

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