Yerevan State Medical University after Mkhitar Heratsi

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For almost a century Yerevan State Medical University's (YSMU) mission has been to prepare highly educated and professional doctors to impact the world. We put a key on research and development of medicine as a science, as well as on our student’s practical knowledge.

We want to open up boundaries and use our potential to become a world class university. We already have a lot of international students, who are beloved part of our YSMU community. We want to become a center, where young minds can come up with revolutionary ideas in sphere of medicine. 

Approximately 6360 students are studying in 7 faculties at Yerevan State Medical University. 1184 of them are international students. Practical teaching and research activities are organized in more than 100 departments, leading clinical bases and research centers in Yerevan.

Faculty of YSMU consists of more than 1100 professors, 171 of whom are doctors of sciences, 504 - candidates of science. 7 academicians of the RA NAS perform scientific and pedagogical work at the University. This powerful scientific potential has a serious role in the development of medicine and related sciences in Armenia.


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