Central Universities Research Office at IUA

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The strategic aim of the Central Universities Research Office at IUA is to develop and sustain a dynamic research environment in the Irish universities, enabling a continued strengthening of the sector. We do this through pursuing common strategic policies and activities across the Irish university sector.

The IUA Research Office acts as a resource for the universities, in terms of:

  • Policy development for supporting research
  • Specific Operations to support access to funding
  • Supporting Researchers Careers

The Office works with the Vice Presidents/Deans of Research, Research Officers and Directors of Technology Transfer in the Irish universities to pursue and implement common policies and actions.

The Office has strong links with international organisations, government departments and funding agencies. The office maintains close links with the Institutes of Technology, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI), Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies (DIAS) and other public education and research bodies. We have continual dialogue with industry, through direct contact and liaison with Irish Business Employers’ Confederation (IBEC).